In my household right now, it's COUNTDOWN time. Our Asia-Pacific Championships are this weekend and we have loads of work to do. My wife Melissa is an absolute powerhouse - she seriously does the work of five men. She has been an absolute demon with regard to our place-getter prize-packs .. we have cash prizes for the two Black Belt Divisions, plus shoes, for EVERY placegetter, as well as clothing, Gi's and other stuff - her office is jam-packed with Showbags! I am not allowed in there. Apparently, there is a system in place ... one that I am incapable of understanding.
We have more than 320 odd entries as of today - so (even in this economic 'downturn') we have surpassed last years numbers. We have better mats this year and a better mat-officials system. We will employ the use of mat-marshalls to facilitate the minimization of any down-time on the mats - if all goes well, our competition will wind up by 5pm. This is our goal, leaving people plenty of time to socialize and chow down before Rigan Machado's seminars the next morning.

On another note - we have 12 BLACK BELTS competing! This is far and away our best ever attendance by the Black Belts! it's shaping up to be an very exciting day. As of this evening, our cash prizes for the six Black Belt place-getters come to more than $2000. The monies will be distributed as follows: 1st Place: $600, 2nd Place: $300 and 3rd place: $200 for both Black Belt divisions - with the weight break at over and under 85kg.

The rest of my night will be spent calculating fight times - so competitors can easily check on the noticeboards we will have up, which mat they will be fighting on and at what times ... this makes it a way easier day for everyone.
Oh - a final note to any competitors reading this blog on friday ... the higher ranks will be fighting first - starting with the Black Belts! White belts will be on toward the end of the day. So get ready ...
It's back to work for me now - then I'll catch a few hours sleep before heading to the airport to collect Rigan ...
Best wishes all,


Andy G said…
Hi John
I can't wait to compete in my first BJJ comp and this latest blog doesn't help to keep my excitement in check. Well done again to you and Melissa and anybody else that's lent a hand to make the day possible.

Enjoy your break when it finally comes. You certainly deserve it.
JBW said…
Thanks Andy - I appreciate your kind words. it is a big task - and a lot goes on behind the scenes. Hopefully, all will run smoothly. Forgive me if i seema little preoccupied on the day - I spend the larger part of it putting out the many small fires that go with competition - blue belts ticking the white belt box on their entry forms and vica versa - and once the draw is done, it is a monumental task to ix these kinds of problems - still it's all part of it. I am quite excited about the day myself - very much looking forward to it. A real LABOUR OF LOVE.
See you there -

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