Out of reach ...

I am leaving early in the morning for ten days. I will be un-contactable for the next 10 or 11 days - and so, no posts. I have a had a great time the past few days with my good friend Rigan - life is good. With the competition over, I have done about 3/4 of my years work - so it's a lot more relaxed for me from now till years end.
I have never been very big on planning - and have only had to develop organizational skills out of necessity to accomodate my training and workload. I have pretty much always lived for the NOW - and I urge everyone to consider how little time we all have here on this spinning marble. None of us know how much time we have here, but it goes without saying that we all should strive to relish each and every moment of each day we have. Living for the weekend is not a way to live - living for the end of year holidays is my idea of 'hell on earth'. We should apply some of our mind to the future - as it has a way of arriving - but that should not stop us from wringing every drop of juice out of each and every day we have. Sta well everyone - all being well - I'll be back here in 11 days or so.


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