If LIFE was compressed down to a day – what time would it be for you now?

If LIFE was compressed down to a day – what time would it be for you now?
For me, I would have just finished my evening meal. What! What did I just say? This is something that most people don’t want to think at all about – myself included – but hey, every now and then we should all take stock of where we are and how we are living our lives – for they are, FINITE things.
Say you will live to 75 years of age – and let’ say there are 15 waking hours in the day – how far are you through the 75 hours? Say only a third – (25 years old) – then go a third through the 15- and that means you’ve already been awake for five hours – you have already had lunch and are into your afternoon (if you slept in and woke at 9am). Don’t worry – you have till midnight till you turn into the proverbial pumpkin – but still, it makes you take notice right. Soon, you’ll be sitting down to dinner ….
The moral of this viewpoint is that we shouldn’t worry about the little things that gnaw away at us each week. We certainly shouldn’t allow ourselves to be distracted and overly focused on them, when there is precious LIVING to be done. The sands are running through our personal hourglasses – it is important to have clarity on what really matters to each of us. For me, the important things are time with my family, deep friendships, my martial arts training and other activities that bring me joy – also, it is important to me that I make a positive difference to the world in some way … my guess is that many of my readership have much the same kinds aspirations.
So put the small annoyances to the side and stride forward with passion and vigor. The is simply no stopping the sunset – and midnight arrives just six hours after that!


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