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Lately, life has been unusually hectic. For seven weekends in a row, I have been in airports, on planes and working interstate - making the trip back home each sunday night or monday morning to see my family and teach my mid-week classes before heading off again the following friday. This coming weekend is no exception - I am preparing today for my last visit to New Zealand for the year. I have eight seminars to run for the all of my BJJ friends, plus a stint at the Police Academy in Wellington. Busy. But afterward, I am taking my annual 10 day flyfishing trip into the wilds of new Zealand's backcountry - can't wait!
When I come home from New Zealand, my good friend Dave Meyer will be here for a couple of weeks - can't wait for that either! And another good friend, Marc Herbert from South Africa wil be arriving the same time - good times ahead!!

On another note - I have literally had hundreds of requests for the third installment in my Rogue Black Belt series. So, buckling under the pressure, have penciled it into my diary for the first half of January. In fact, I have written about a third of it - and I have completed the cover (see pic) - so with good fortune (and planning) I'll get it done by mid January and hopefully printed by february. I am excited about having it done - and I need to do it to clear the way for other things I want to do. I only have about two dozen Fight Logic books left in stock - and rather than do a re-print, I am considering writing a whole new book on MMA.

I'd better go - seminar planning to do, bags to pack, classes to run. I'll get onto it after a brisk walk around the river with my wife - she's chaffing at the bit, to get out the door.
Best wishes all


Ricky Gamboa said…
I would like to attend one of your seminars here in Auckland. I just got here in NZ last month. I am a blue belt in BJJ and I have been following your blog since I was a white belt. It would be an honor to attend one of your seminars. I hope you have time to send me the details. thank you.
JBW said…
Hi Ricky,
depends on where you are in NZ.
The following instructors are hosting me between this friday and the following wednesday:
Nov 13th – Geoff Aitken – Christchurch (Black Belt)
Nov 14th – Michael Fooks – Auckland
Nov 14th – Glenn Tarrant – Auckland
Nov 15th – Karl Norton – Auckland
Nov 15th – Phil Beale – Hamilton
Nov 16th – Steve Wallace – Hamilton
Nov 17th – Shayne Cox – Napier
Nov 18th – Geoff Grant – Wellington

You can find each one of their contact details on the clubs page - of the website:

Hope to see you at one of them,
best wishes
Adam said…
Hi John,

I have trained traditional karate at a small but strong club on the Gold Coast, Queensland for the past 16 years. Due to work I am having to relocate and now having the unenviable task of finding a strong style to train in Christchurch, NZ. My question is have you trained with the good people of CHCH and and are they a strong organization? Although I have trained very little BJJ it is one of the only style I trust to deliver!

Thank you for any advice you could give.

Kind Regards
JBW said…
Hi Adam,
you cannot go past training with Geoff Aitken in Christchurch - he is a great martial artist - a great coach - a BJJ black belt - and a good friend of mine. In fact, I am heading to his school this friday. I visit three times a year. Call him in Christhchurch on: 027 2857215
or email him on:

Best wishes
Anonymous said…
About time on the 3rd installment!!

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