My D.C.A.T work

Further to my last post, I thought I'd offer up a clarification on some of the Defensive Tactics design work that I do. I am often asked by the martial arts fraternity, about the work that I do in police and military circles. Usually, I am rather reluctant to talk about this - for the same reasons that I would not talk about the training I offer to private clients that I may be teaching. I simply do not view the subject matter to be of a public nature. However, I can talk about the approach I take, in very general and broad terms.
The most common question I am asked is whether or not I teach policing and military groups, BJJ? The simple answer is that I do not. Most often the various groups that I do work for, have very specific operational needs, and what I do is try my best to cater for those needs by designing training solutions that are equally specific - and BJJ (off the shelf) doesn't do much to fill this need. What does help tremendously though, is the solution-seeking mindset that I have developed over the years, through my BJJ training. In short, the study and development of BJJ - and more specifically, developing my BJJ coaching skills, has provided me with an aptitude for coming up with solutions for various physical and strategic problems that arise in the course of physical struggle. The understanding of angles, biomechanics, leverage and physics are a part of the toolkit that I bring to the Defensive Tsctics design-table. Apart from these things (learned from BJJ), I also need to come armed with communication and teaching skills, an understanding of management needs and a willingness to be transparent in my thinking and design process.
Usually, martial arts skill sets are the last thing that law enforcement and military orgs are looking for when they seek help from outside SME's (subject matter experts) - there are usually plenty of such people already embedded within their ranks. The one thing that is more difficult to find, is someone who is extremely task-oriented, with a talent for design; the right mix of communication, coaching and presentation skills, along with a broad enough range of cross-platform physical expertise from which to tease out the training solutions that they are looking for. The more of this kind of work that I do, the more deeply I understand the unique sets of needs that these professionals have. It is serious work, as ultimately, there are people's lives at stake - but it is also tremendously satisfying. The police officers and soldiers iof the world do the work that no-one else is willing to do - I freely admit, it is an honor to be asked to make my a contribution.
Stay safe all,


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