The FIGHTPUZZLE Project: It's nearly a wrap ...

Today will see the final shoot of this phase of our filming project completed.
Dave Meyer and myself have been working in front of Marc Herbert's lens last weekend, through the week, and this weekend also. We have a stack of film in the can - and now we need to attend to some of the other elements of our Fightpuzzle project.

Fightpuzzle is the name we have given to our online training program. There are several online BJJ training sites out there - and we encourage you to check them all out - but we are putting our focus on several several big points of difference. Our instruction style will be very different - and we are trying to make a definite departure from a simple library of techniques format - as we all know such things are available on DVD's, Youtube, etc.

The Fightpuzzle Project will feature a very different style of instruction - and will be built on top of a rock-solid foundation of highly technical Core training. Although we are aiming to provide the highest level of supplementary training for those who are already working as or under an instructor, our project is also designed in such a way as to be able to provide complete and concise instruction to those who are remote from legitimate BJJ instruction.

We'd like to thank all of our friends who have encouraged our efforts with the project - and we can now tell you that we are hoping to be able to launch sometime around the beginning of February. We were hoping to be up by the start of 2010 - but as is often the case with such things - some of our ideas are evolving and we keep making changes for the better - but this is pushing our launch date further down the track. Don't worry though, we will make announcements when we are good to go - and we will send out e-mails to all of our friends.

Anyway - it's back to the mat for the last of this weekends shoot. I will keep everyone informed as to our progress as we near the launch date.
Best wishes all,



x said…
I'm looking forward to seeing the final product.

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