Wednesday, December 02, 2009


Friends on the doorstep ...

Two of my good friends arrived this morning - from opposite sides of the planet. Marc Herbert, from Johannesburg in South Africa - and David Meyer from San Fransisco in the USA. Time for lunch, a catch up, some planning of our next ten days work (24 odd hours of video shooting) and then it's off to the evening mat.
I first met Marc in Singapore, where he was assisting Rodney King conduct a Crazy Monkey (boxing) seminar a few years ago - we hit it off immediately. He is currently a good purple belt and is a leading force for BJJ in South Africa. Marc has amazing video/multi-media/web abilities - and is here to help me with a new project I am embarking on. David Meyer, I met 20 odd years ago, when he walked into the Machado mat where I was teaching one night, in Los Angeles. We have been the best of friends ever since. Good times ahead. More to follow ...

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