From the Mountains of Bali ...

Sitting here as dawn breaks, in the misty mountains of Bali.
I get up very early each morning, just before dawn as it is peaceful and the perfect time of the day for writing. I am working on finishing the third and final volume of my Rogue Black Belt series - as promnised. Hundreds of people have e-mailed me, asking when it will be done, and so my dawn starts!
I hope to get three quarters of it done before the end of this week; and the rest done within the first fortnight of the new year. I love writing this - going through the process of writing allows me to re-live to a certain extent, some of these experiences. And this is the perfect place to do the work. In fact, for those who have read the first two books in my series, you may recall Dewa Patra and Mardi, two of the best fighters I trained with in my early Silat days in Tampak Gangsul. Tonight I am having dinner with them both. I can't wait. Dewa Patra, as it turns out, is an important figure in Balinese politics - working directly with the governor. How life has changed for all of us.
Well, a family of monkeys has just come up to the poolside where I am staying up near Ubud. They are pulling up some of the plants alongside the pool, to get at the soft fresh roots. I doubt whether management will appreciate their antics. Still, they need to survive - as we all do; I am on their side.
Best wishes all - I shall blog one more time on new years eve.
Warm regards from the mountains,


Good food Great friends Awesome life
Happy New Year to all the Will Family hope to see you all on the 16th
take care
Cartwright Family

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