Home from the wilds ...

Arrived home today. Back from the wilds of New Zealand and looking forward to thr week ahead. I have my good friend Dave Meyer arriving this wednesday morning - and another good friend - Marc Herbert beating him in from South Africa by ten hours or so. So it's airport runs and mat madness for the next week or two.
I cannot wait to get back to class tomorrow night - and once again step onto the Geelong mat. I miss teaching and working with my students - and my regular routines. Having Dave on the mat for the next few weeks will add some spice for all of us. It's going to be a blast.

Although this may interest very few - here are a couple of pics from my back-country adventure. newly hatching Canadian Goose chicks - just fighting their way out of the eggs. These little guys have to fend for themselves from day one - the mother doesn't help out at all ... and we complain about life being tough!
The other is a shot of me standing waist deep in the snow-melt, after swimming down a river chasing this trout. Had to get underwater and unhook him from beneath the overhanging bank a couple of times - a huge battle - and below freezing. Wet but happy.

Anyways - I will be getting back to my usual blogging as of now ... again, apologies for my absence ... but when the wilds call ....



Anonymous said…
I would love to see you do that in the walcott inlet. Nice fish btw. Hoops,

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