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We had a great day today. After teaching a few private classes this morning, Marc Hebert, Dave Meyer and I headed into my school for a few more hours of Video work. A quick snack in the late afternoon back at home, then it was into the school once again for the evening classes. After a packed intro class (where we couldn't fit a single extra body on the mat) - we started our advanced BJJ class.
I had Dave take the advanced class through a series of mobility drills designed to improve 'BALANCE' - something that many people fail to put emphasis on. It was a fun thirty minutes. This was followed by thirty minutes of rolling before I finished up with the awarding of two new ranks. The first recipient was guest form Sydney, Fari Salievski, who received his Purple Belt. Fari is a renowned Australian martial artist, who runs a very strong school in Liverpool/Sydney. He has been working very hard of late - and has made great strides in his BJJ training. The second was awarded to our South African visitor Marc Hebert - who may well fall asleep wearing his shiny, new brown belt. Marc is a very positive force for BJJ in J-burg (Johannesburg), South Africa - I am sure his friends and students will celebrate with him upon his return. Congratulations both.
More filming tomorrow - another day, another Omoplata!



Joe said…

I am interested in the drills you utilize to improve balance. I feel as if it is a greatly neglected aspect of BJJ. Would you be able to elaborate on these at all? Do you have any examples?

BJJ NZ said…
Awesome news. Congrats to the boys!

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