Lights, Camera .. Action

Someone bring more juice!
On the mat all day yesterday, same today and again tomorrow. Dave Meyer and I are busy in front of the camera, shooting several hundred vid clips for our new site - FIGHTPUZZLE.
Marc Herbert is behind the camera (and the laptop)- and is the very best possible person for the job as he is an excellent purple belt and a great all round martial artist. We are very excited about the whole thing - it's going to be an amazing resource!
My wife Melissa is turning up with good food a couple of times throughout the day - keeping our energy levels up. But will someone please - bring me a short black!
more soon ...


Adam Adshead said…
Sounds great, look forward to seeing the fruits of your labour! :)
BJJ NZ said…
Awesome! Cannot wait to see the results.
Patrick said…
Tell us more!
Korbett said…
Ditto, you have your first American client for fightpuzzle.

Have fun,

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