We are living in a world where adaptability and flexible thinking are no longer a luxury – they are almost a survival requirement. One of the problems this presents is the difficulty in reconciling the fact that to be any good at anything, to rise above the median, we need to develop a speciality. Starbucks does coffee – Marcelo Garcia does X-Guard – and through their respective specializations, they have built a name for themselves. So which is it to be – the specialist or the generalist? But is it such a prickly problem?
In my view, it’s the same problem faced by martial artists of a decade ago who were trying to decide between kickboxing and wrestling. It’s only a problem, if you only have one night to train. Nowadays we all know that serious MMA fighters not only grapple and kickbox, they almost certainly train in BJJ and have a strength and conditioning workout a couple of times a week as well.
My view is that if we are serious and passionate enough, we should embrace the concept of becoming the broad-spectrum specialist.
Further, I would take this idea beyond the confines of the mat and add other specialities to my arsenal. I want nothing less than the best possible relationship with my wife – I want to make sure my family has no financial difficulties – I want to embrace the living of life as if I only had one more day left to me – in short, I will not settle for anything less than becoming an expert in the art of growing happiness.
Complete game on the mat – complete game off the mat; a broad-spectrum specialist. Times have changed – and so have our capabilities. Have it all.


Neal Martin said…
Excellent. Well said.
Elyse said…
It's remarkable how many times you've given voice to the indistinct and elusive thoughts running through my head. Thanks for that!

Happy New Year!

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