We are all living like millionaires ...

Pretty much everyone who is reading this blog - is living better than a millionaire would have been living forty years ago. A millionaire living back in the 70's, wouldn't have been driving as nice and safe a car, as most of you are driving today. A millionaire living in the 70's wouldn't have had a television or access t entertainment like you are all enjoying now. A millionaire living in the 70's wouldn't have been able to dream of owning an IPOD, having a phone with a digital camera built in, being able to buy books and other cool stuff online. A millionaire living in the 70's probably wouldn't even have access to the ease with which we can all travel internationally, as we can now.

We are all living in amazing times; we live extraordinary lives and from a historical standpoint, we have more options open to us, more choices and more opportunities than anyone who had ever lived before us. certainly, we can have no cause for complaint. So with this in mind - I wish you all the very best over the Christmas period. revel in your existence, live life to the fullest - marvel in this amazing world and amazing time we live in - love your family and friends - and stay safe through the holidays.

I'll be on and offline over the next week or so - and will do my best to blog between now and the beginning of 2010.

Warmest wishes for '09


Unknown said…
Merry Christmas John, thanks for the coaching of 2009, hope you and your family have a great holiday season.
Take Care
Andrew Craven
Dolph said…
Amen. I often think that the me of 1975 would look at my life today and think, "wow! I became a really rich man!"
Anonymous said…
I think we are in the golden age of civilisation. In the next 40 years the population of the world is expected to reach 30 billion and our natural resources (oil, ore, water, food) are expected to decline. There is a massive difference between the standard of living in the first world (the few) and the third world (the rest). With global warming and our dependence on fossil fuel, how can we continue at this rate? The brighter the light, the shorter the life. Unless we find the secret of cold fusion and start off-world colonisation, it is highly likely that things are going to be much worse by the end of this century. Then again, following Darwinian theory, whatever happens we will adapt and change to overcome whatever happens and be stronger for it.

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