Pumped and good to go!

Well, the new year is fully underway.
For me this means getting back into the routine of running my evening classes - and I am very much enjoying it. Personally, I find it fairly easy to get all excited about classes - I have always been passionate about training, and it is a rare day indeed when I find myself simply going through the motions. In fact, if I identify that I am in that kind of mood - I would rather not put myself in front of people. I have seen too many so-called professionals, lapse into this type of mind-set - the just another day at the office mindset. I find that to be quite sad - because very often, these people were once very passionate about their chosen profession - but after a while they become a little bored and then they begin to lose their passionate edge. Sad.
In my own case, I am always trying to update my own training ideas ... thinking about or working on, new ideas - for both delivery and execution. This keeps me fresh - if I am fresh and fully engaged, then how can I not be excited about teaching classes. So, 25,000 odd classes into my martial arts training - I am pumped and good to go! can't wait for this evening ...


Pete said…
I am pumped for training tonight too! The getting to training on my bike in freezing cold temperatures is another story.

Love your blog John, reading it fires me up every time!

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