Are we human beings or human doings?

I think the answer is fairly obvious – we are both! Probably though, we are more the latter than the former. We do! And do, and do, and do! Mostly our lives are pretty full; at least that’s the way it is with me. My day usually starts around 7:30am – cup of hot java in hand, I answer the e-mails that have arrived while I was sleeping. A light snack is followed by seeing my boy Felix off to school, then it’s almost always a two or three training sessions with privates students. A quick shower after that, is followed by another small meal, usually eaten while I attend to the e-mails that have arrived while I was on the morning mat. The afternoon is usually a bit more relaxed but I always have something to do; writing my blog, an article for a magazine, preparing a flyer or something else for the studio, and the odd e-mail. I then check any book or dvd orders that have arrived (via e-mail) and pack them up and make sure to sign them to the good people who have decided to place an order (thank you all very much). The it’s time to pick my boy up from school as my wife Melissa has usually left by now to head into the school to teach the children’s classes. Time for another snack. The it’s into the car and I make my way into the school myself, in time for the evening classes. Melissa and I pass each other in the office, before she leaves and I step onto the mat. Just after 8pm – I leave the third adult class of the evening to one of my excellent instructors and I make the 10 minute drive home. I greet my family, say goodnight to Felix who is usually in bed and reading by 8:30pm and it’s finally time to sit down, eat my last meal for the day and watch tv while I chat with Melissa. My laptop is always on hand, so I usually attend to another e-mail or two before it’s time to switch off for the night. Another typical mid-week day comes to an end – but then, there’s the weekend. For 30 weekends out of the year, I head to the airport, get on a plane and head interstate or overseas to run seminars or training for professional martial arts schools, military and police organizations, etc. In between all of this, I write the odd book, design the odd curriculum and try , as best can, to fit in some wilderness adventure to recharge my battery. In short, there’s a lot of DOING going on … but I am also a human BEING. Believe it or not – although the schedule may seem hectic, it is probably no more hectic than your own. Each of us has this kind of schedule, filled with different tasks maybe – but filled nevertheless. During it all, it’s important to just BE – to be right there, in the moment, fully attending to whatever we are DOING. We are human DOINGS – but we are also human BEINGS. The two times I am most PRESENT – are when I am in the wilds, contending with nature – and when I am on the mat, contending with my fellow martial artists. Just BEING!


Matt Klein said…
John, I don't know how you do it. The energy level required to get through a day like the one you described is unbelievable. Do you have any nutrition secrets you can share? 8 cups of coffee a day? I can only have about 3 before I get too amped up. Please share.
JBW said…
Hi Matt
I have always been passionate about my martial arts training/teaching. the passion was there at the beginning and it has never left me. my wife feeds me god nutritional meals, which I gues help a bit. That's it.

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