Finally, the third book in my ROGUE BLACK BELT series, passion & purpose, arrived today. I think this is my best writing to date; and for those who have a love for BJJ, this book will be far and away the most interesting.
The most difficult part of the whole process was coming up with a way to finish the book; after all, it is autobiographical in nature – and I am – at least at the writing of this blog, still alive! After much deliberation, I decided to use the last chapter of the book to kind of sum up some of the most important life-lessons that I have learned over the past 15 years or so. I sent the last chapter to my good friend Geoff Thompson in the UK (prolific author and inspirational martial artist) who after reading it, has spent several e-mails trying to convince to me to expand my last chapter into a book in it’s own right. I shall seriously consider this advice – after I get a little feedback from my readers.
I know you will enjoy this book; it comes straight from the heart and has not been edited, apart from a spell-check and some grammatical corrections.
My wife is sitting down next to me as I write this, and she has started reading … I wonder if I should move a little further away?
Anyways, and lastly, a huge thank you to those hundreds of e-mails from those who have read the Fear & the Engine and Challenge & Ownership. I very much appreciate the wonderful and inspiring comments – I am so glad to have been able to make a positive impact on so many lives.

Warmest wishes


slideyfoot said…
I'm always searching for more sources for my BJJ History post, especially from people who were actually there at the time.

Therefore I was wondering: would these books appeal to somebody who is only interested in the historical aspects, rather than the self-help part?
Russel Young said…
Awesome news !
I loved your first two books. I train at Steve Percival's and have attended several of your seminars. The philosophy side of the seminars is what I liked the most. Not to discount the techniques, which are always shown in a technical and self understanding way. The ownership concept shinning through.

I've also been reading your blog for around 5 years +, thanks for sharing it all these years !
It has enhanced my life.
All the best,
Russel Young said…
P.S. I forgot to add, any expansion on a section of your book ( ie: a chance for more philosophy ) is a must !
I can't speak for others, but I feel you should have this put into print.
I still regularly read the Tao of Jeet Kune Do philosophy sections at the start of the book.
I view your blog as another martial philosophical way( taoism ). Record as much as you can.
Much respect,
Jimson said…
I shall grab one off you in Christchurch today! Looking forward to it! The other two were great.
JBW said…
Thanks everyone - I very much appreciate the kind feedback.
Slideyfoot - to be clear, these books are an account of my journey in BJJ - from early beginnings in Brazil back in the late 80's - until recently. So as far as an historical perspective is concerned - they are from my P.O.V only. This incudes how it came into th states - and further out and into Australia. Many incidents are described - and BJJ adventure ... I hope that helps.
Best wishes
DM said…
Finally! Did this one get proof read, John?
slideyfoot said…
Thanks John, that sounds ideal. Given your place in that history as one of the first non-Brazilian black belts, it's an advantage if it's specifically from your perspective. ;)

Am I right in thinking it is just the second and third books that cover BJJ, or is a significant proportion of the first also dedicated to the history?
Anonymous said…
Congratulations on another achievement.
JBW said…
sorry for the belated reply.
The first book in the series - is really about my youth - early streetfights - early martial arts training and how I became disillusioned with many of the traditional methods. A lot of it was also about early training experiences in South East Asia ... it sets the scene, for the 2nd and 3rd books, which feature much more BJJ.
Best wishes
slideyfoot said…
No worries, and thanks for the clarification. I'll be looking to pick these up in the future. :)

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