Thursday, February 25, 2010


Right Cross to High-C

It’s not my usual habit to offer up instruction in this blog; but here is a quick one for those who are looking to connect up basic striking with takedowns. This simple combo makes the simple connection between the right cross and a High Crotch (High-C) entry to basic double leg. My advice is to work the High-C first, until it is second nature – then add the right cross. The cross sets up the left hand nicely (as it does with a Hook) for the shot at the opponents lead leg. Our head is outside slightly, making it a comparatively safe shot for MMA purposes. Hope you like it,

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Andrew 9:18 am

John, just a question - in the photos 6 and 7 in the sequence, are you keeping hold of your partner's left leg with both hands, or transferring your left hand to his right knee, so it would be more like a slide-by double leg?
Thanks - BTW read Passion and Purpose last week and really enjoyed it.

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as soon as our right hand take sa grip, we transfer our left hand to our opponents far knee..
I am so glad you enjoyed Passion & Purpose - it was a work f the heart. best wishes

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