The Starting Line ...

Having a plan is always a good idea. On the mat, the best competitors have a plan. But just like any plan – say, running a one hundred metre race – you first need to get to the starting line. Think of it like this – the sprinters must all journey, from all over town, each via different routes to get to the venue on race-day. They then, each of them, must make their way to the starting line. From that point, they know exactly what they are doing. Same thing goes for a solid post-purple BJJ game. Your starting point may be the Seatbelt Grip for example. You have an endlessly evolving number of ways to get there – but once there, you automatically slide into your pre-determined plan of attack. This approach gives you the best of both worlds:

- you are always evolving, coming up with novel and interesting ways to arrive at the Starting Line. So plenty of scope for creativity and experimentation.
- Upon arriving at the Starting Line you launch into the same old Attack Sequence. This gives you potency, and over time, a deep level of expertise and confidence in your systemic attack. Safety in the familiar.

The diagram I have hastily constructed for you may serve to better illustrate my point. I trust this will assist in your game development.
Warmest regards,


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