The clock still ticks ...

Back home for a few minutes from the hospital. Ronin was rushed into surgery again today - we await the outcome. It's all a process. Still, we are remaining positive - after all, he is in way better condition now, to undergo surgery, than the state he was in when he was wheeled in four days ago - with no pulse, and not much blood in his body. We are just heading back in now - and we hope for better news after he comes out of surgery. We will head to class at 6pm - and back to the hospital afterward.

Once again - thank you so very much EVERYONE; for the wonderful, positive and heartfelt messages that you have been sending. I very much look forward to getting back to my usual, more positive blogs in the not too distant future. it feels very strange for me - to be on the receiving end of this whole blogging thing ...

The clock still ticks - we still breathe - the struggle goes on. Life.

Dave Meyers joke for the day:
There was a prisoner, during the Nazi regime, who under torture - would only reply with a single word, to every question: 'tick'
The Germans kept asking their questions - he kept answering with one word only - 'tick!'
"it's only a matter of time' the Germans said, 'after all, we have ways of making you 'tock!'

That's it I'm afraid - it's the best we can do under the circumstances.


Ryan McKeough said…
Keep believing John. Your positive attitude is inspiring, and I am sending my thoughts your way.
goodluck and our thoughts prayers and love are with you all for this operation

Darren Kylie Cartwright
Melodie said…
Fingers crossed the surgery went well.

Liam H Wandi said…
Our hearts are still with you and with Ronin sir. Glad your friend is there with you at least.
Anonymous said…
How shocked I am to read about your son's fight to live, John. Please know that you and your son are in our family's and thoughts and prayers.
Wayne - a old mate for over twenty years
Our thoughts are with your son, and you.

From the Kreation family in Singapore
Anonymous said…
Hope all goes well with Ronin's surgery! Mine an my family's best wishes with his further recovery. Hope to see you on the mat next week with good news.

A Murphy..
amccleary said…
From your UFAF family - our thoughts and prayers are with you and your son. Thank you for all your time and inspiration to others - may it all come back in the support of your son's safe recovery.

Alice McCleary
McCleary Martial Arts Center
Hiram, GA USA
BJJ NZ said…
Thanks John, keep up the fight Ronin
Anonymous said…
Best of luck for Ronin's surgery and best wishes to you and your family through all of this.
Unknown said…
Best of luck and keep fighting.
Anonymous said…
Best wishes for you and your family from all of us in Canberra. I find that in situations like this I am easily frustrated by the lack of opportunity to act. When my husband was ill last year I felt helpless. Perhaps people could think about giving blood, as an act to help others who might find themselves in a situation similar to Ronin's. Thank you for the updates and for your continuing encouragement and positive attitude, when I feel like it's others who should be encouraging you.
JBW said…
Hi John,

After continuing to follow the news on your blog, it occurs to me that Ronin is just showing you that you’ve been right all these years...”he’s a freak!”

It’s a relief to hear that Dave is with you, and great to see the support you’re getting. No surprise really. After years of support you’ve given to hundreds, even thousands of people with your energy and insight, it is most deserved. Through it all, you are still continuing to inspire others!

All my hopes right now are that your ‘little pal’ (not so little any more) continues to mend.

The Most Urgent Of Wishes,

Ken Dunstan.
Yewli said…
Hi John,

Just heard from the guys in class about your son. Our best wishes and stay strong!

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