Coming out of the woods ...

David and I returned from Sydney last night. The weekend of seminars was much appreciated by everyone, and it was so good to have Dave there to assist and provide comic relief! We went from the airport straight to the hospital last night, and although he was half asleep, Ronin has made a lot of progress these past 48 hours. He is speaking, and will be kicked out of the intensive care unit today - into a normal ward. That will help a lot as there is not a lot of good sleeping to be had in ICu - with all the lights, beeps, and sounds going on 24/7.
So far, so good. The word is that he will most likely make a full recovery. He has a colostomy bag attacked to his stomach right now - as we have to wait a few months for a full recovery, before they go back in, yet again, and reconnect his intestines. The more important thing right now is the heart and lungs. His brain seems to be intact - as he has commented that several of the nurses are 'hot'.
Today, almost unbelievably to me, the plan is to get him upright and walking so the bottom part of his lungs can get moving - important to stave off the onset of pneumonia. he will have to live very deliberately over these next few months - with special diet, exercise, rehab, etc. Not a bad thing for a 22 year old who was clearly hanging with the wrong crowd and not embracing life the way it should be embraced. Enough said.
Dave is getting back on a plane this morning; heading back home to San Fransisco. What a great friend. I think of Dave and I think of the latin credo - acta non verba - actions not words. I first met him when he walked into the MAchado mat in Los Angeles around 20 years ago - I was a purple belt at the time and was taking the class that evening. I taught him his first BJJ class - and we have been the best of friends ever since.
I've gotta go - but with only small reservation (because I have heard it before) - it seems that Ronin is 'out of the woods'. Let's see where his feet will carry him now ...
Huge thanks everyone for your amazing support. I shall take the laptop in today - and see if he canmake sesne of what has happened to him and read him all of your comments.


BJJ NZ said…
Awesome news about Ronin!!

Dave Meyer is a special guy, good friends are few and far between these days so having one who is so supportive makes him even more special.

Great, great news to start the week.
thanks John!
Anonymous said…
WOW - this is the best news. It's just awesome that he is doing so well.

It's been a crazy time for you Sir, and it's been amazing to read it all through your blog. Thank u for sharing and giving us the opportunity to help through prayer/positive thought.

All the very best to Ronin for his recovery and his bright future.

Your Student
Korbett said…
Best news I have heard all week. Here is wishing Ronnin good luck with his recovery.

David is one of the funniest guys one the planet.

that is awesome news to start the week

i hope soon that Roninn can be up chasing one of the hot nurses around

take care
Darren & Kylie
Anonymous said…
Glad to hear things are going well.
Anonymous said…
Awesome news!! Keep up the good work Ronin...
Anonymous said…
Great news. Seriously. All the best to Ronin with the rehab and recovery and getting back on his feet ASAP.
Unknown said…
Excellent news - I have to saw it is your positive attitude thatcreates positive energy to change things around you. All the best to Ronin.

Steve & Pri Cockell + all of Maai Hyoshi Dojos
DirtyWhiteGi said…
Excellent news, what a warrior Ronin is to pull through and all the best with his recovery.
Todd said…
This ia a message for Ronin. You now have a chance to live a full and exciting life. I hope you realise that oppurtunities like this do not come along every day and you are blessed to be here with us today.
James said…
Only just heard about your son, John. My best wishes, good news that he's out of the woods in relatively good shape.
MIke Fooks said…
So stoked with that news. Thanks John.
Andy Gibbs said…
Fantastic news John!

All the very best for a speedy recovery Ronin. The courage you have shown so far is nothing short of a miracle. I wish you continued good fortune getting onto your feet again and taking each step onward and toward a wonderful and successful life.

Andy Gibbs
Unknown said…
That is fantastic news John...good to hear that things are on the up and up now.

Yes friends like Dave Meyer is to you are few and far between indeed - with friends like that few things can touch you!

Ben Tucker.
Liam H Wandi said…
"His brain seems to be intact - as he has commented that several of the nurses are 'hot'."

It sounds like he's gonna be just fine mate :)
Anonymous said…
Its great to hear of your sons progress. I pray it continues , and though the road to recovery is long, the love you share for each other and the support from those around you will give you the strength to lead this battle to Victory.

In our prayers
Charlie. T.
Kristian said…
Being a dad and I once had my son in intensive care, so I can slightly relate to your feelings. I am so happy to hear that your son is recovering. All the best to the whole family on the road to revovery.
Bear said…
Absoluteley Awesome News!

Great work Ronin, keep it up!
Am very happy for you Sir, still thinking of you and yours.

Bear and The Ballarat Dojo
Kyle said…
Ronin's fight is inspiring. There is no quit in this kid and it is amazing. I am in awe.

Best Wishes,

Kyle C. (Texas)
Anonymous said…
Dear John,
My heart goes out to you and your family. Thankfully it sounds like your son is now underway on the road of recovery and will be "happy and healthy" soon.
My thoughts will remain with you and family and my hope is now that Ronin has a speedy recovery. It is quite obvious that your son shares your amazing spirit.
My heartfelt wishes

(We briefly met a few years back when you helped introduce me to my (now) BJJ addiction at one of your New Zealand seminars).
Anonymous said…
So happy to hear he's recovering as well as he is.
Anonymous said…
best wishes!!
Michelle R said…
That is Fantastic news!!..I can only imagine how much relief that would bring!
It's awesome that David was there, and is such a great friend of yours.
All the best to Ronin, we wish him a speedy recovery.
Take care,
Michelle & J

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