From the ashes ...

I just came from the hospital with my good friend David Meyer, wh flew out from the USA this morning. What a friend!
Ronin awoke from coma number two today and although in huge pain and talking lots of nonsense - it seems he is close to finding his way out of the woods. The heart Bypass surgeon told me that this was the most amazing and unlikely recovery he has seen in over thirty years of surgery. We don't want to know about the odds - we are just staying focussed on what's happening right now.
I went to my school and taught class last night - and it was heart-warming to be in the presence of so many good and supportive people. Dave will join me for more of the same tonight - off to the hospital now.
Thanks so much to all those of you whose kind and thoughtful best wishes keep us moving forward at this time.
Best wishes


Anonymous said…
Great news John. All the best for Ronin's recovery, he has shown amazing strength and courage.

John R
Mike Fooks said…
The "odds" are 100% in favour of whatever happens. Which in Ronins case is clearly something very different to what's happened in other cases. Although I am not religious I cannot help but think that the huge amount well wishes are affecting that. Thanks for the updates John, we're all pulling for him wherever we are.

Jai said…
I was shocked to read this John. My wishes and deep thoughts to you and Ronin.
All the best!!
Ronin has a warriors heart i am sure that with all of the support and love from everyone acting as a light at the end of his tunnle Ronin will find his way

D & K Cartwright
BlakeG2560 said…
Great news John.One day at a time, hang in there mate
Inger Craven said…
John, that son of yours is remarkable. Great news. We are thinking of you and your family and thank you so much for keeping us updated. Much love to you guys at this time!

Inger & Andrew Craven
BJJ NZ said…
John, that is absolutely awesome news. So good that Dave is there with you as well.

Take care and give our love to Melissa.

Geoff & Dorothie..
Melodie said…
Stoked to hear he is awake again... :)

Super glad your buddy has arrived!
Burdens can be so much lighter when a friend is close by.

Take care
JBW said…
Thank you everyone - it's so nice to have David here. We just came from visiting with ROnin - and he is much more relaxed - we are hoping he gets some rest through the night - tomorrow will be a big day for him. various tubes, etc - coming out. Reduciton in pain killers. Lots of stuff happening.
Thanks so much everyone
Anonymous said…
John amazing stuff - told people at the Hangar on Tuesday, many well wishes from us old timers!

Mick Pope
Pete ROGERS said…
Recover well, Ronin. John - let Dave & Melissa & co; take of you.
Andy Gibbs said…
Wow!! The news is getting better and better. What an amazing recovery so far. There is certainly no doubt that he's literally got the fight of his life on his hands and any small step toward the positive is great news. But my god Ronin, you're unreal!
Liam H Wandi said…
Glad to hear about the recovery and also about you having such warm hearted friends around you. All the best John.
Derek Simonds said…
I am glad to hear the good news and wanted you to know that I am in prayer for you and your son. I could not imagine going through what you are now. Your strength and being there will mean so much to your son!
Anonymous said…
Am praying for his speedy recovery now.. God Bless..

Angie (BJJ Borneo)
Georgette said…
Makes all my worries become obviously trivial. Love is the key. Still sending prayers ya'lls way.
Perry Bateson said…
Hello John,
Fantastic news. I know the entire BJJ world has been sending huge amounts of energy into your lives and it is just great to hear that Ronin is getting better. David is truly an amazing man and a great friend. I am very honored to be assosiated with such men like you both. The team out here is happy to hear that things are progressing positevely. Please be well and know that we are thinking of you all.
Perry "Team Canada"
Anonymous said…
Great news John. My thoughts are with your family.
Anonymous said…
Great news. Still keeping positive thoughs for you all. Dave and Deb
Anonymous said…
Fantastic news ! I have been thinking of Ronin, yourself and your family constantly. May the fast recovery continue.

All the best,

Nick Ovens
Bryan McKenzie said…
Great to hear of the encouraging progress. Our thoughts are with you and your family.

Bryan & Kylee
Anonymous said…
So very glad to hear things are looking up for Ronin. Both of you are in my thoughts.

Best wishes

Mark W
Academy of Combat
Phil said…
Thats awesome John, so pleased. We appreciate being kept up to date.


Anonymous said…
It has to be all the prayers :)

Alistair Young
Submission MA
Kyle said…
I have a serious lump in my throat, but it is of happiness. I don't know you or your son, but I am a fellow BJJ practitioner and we are family in this sense. I wish you the best!

Take Care,

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