The future begins NOW ...

It is a perfectly natural thing for us to ponder and muse on things we would like to have or experience at some time in the future. Perhaps we see ourselves having a particular skill or set of skills that we do not have at present; perhaps we want to buy our first home or upgrade from the one we have; maybe we daydream about a new job, or about living somewhere else, about travelling, about developing a better Mount, Defense, or whatever … these are all natural processes, and in fact, fundamental to the way in which we differ from the rest of the animal kingdom, here on this planet.
The thing that all of these things have in common, if they are to be realised, is that they have their beginnings, rooted in the present. The future starts right now! I say this because I understand a basic truth: all of the musing, visualizing, asking the universe for help, prayer, etc – will do very little – unless we take ACTION!
The future begins now. So if there is something you want to do, to achieve, to change about yourself – take a small step toward it right now; do something today that will get you moving, even if only a little, in the direction you need to go, for the dream to be realised. Sometimes, these goals, wants, needs can seem a little to far removed from our present state of reality – but as the saying goes, a journey of a thousand steps starts with a single step. Take it now.
Best wishes


Anonymous said…
This is off topic John, but I saw your alpha mma videos on youtube. Is alpha mma a compliment to bjj, or does it teach enough bjj with wrestling and striking to be a stand alone system?
JBW said…
the Alpha program is designed as a totally stand-alone program - contains groundwork this is relevant to MMA and is dovetailed into the stand-up and clinchwork.
Hope that helps,
best wishes
Unknown said…
Well said, John. The present moment is indeed what life is all about- it's all there is after all. Staying rooted in it is easier said than done however, at least from my experience. It takes courage and discipline to continually take action so we can follow our dreams, though it is people like yourself that give me the inspiration to do so. I look forward to seeing you at the Geoff Thompson Masterclass next month. I was delighted when I heard you would be making an appearance. See you then!
Matt Klein said…
Like your advice John about small steps. Been building a new website with a blog, and although it is taking longer than I anticipated, I am chipping away at it each night, sometimes for only half hour, sometimes 2 hours depending on my energy levels. The key is to focus on it and enjoy the process, especially the learning of new things.
Anonymous said…
John we are all an accident waiting to happen. Every single one of of us on the planet. The fragility of life is a permanent state of "being towards death" as Heidegger defined it. An awareness of this fragility makes life meaningful and less petty. It can be a platform of transformation transporting us to the wonder of life, a connection with the beauty and complexity of our world, of all those we share it with, an understanding of the depth and meaning of the word love. What you are all going through daily is unimaginable, but it contains riches. My thoughts and love are with you all today, xx Pat K
tzongyih said…
Action is the power, no matter what we want, we have to take ACTION!
It's so true, even baby would cry for food or toys.
Thanks for sharing.

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