Heart on fire ...

Two days ago, my son Ronin was up and walking around - not a single tube or drip in sight. He was eating food and we had some great conversations. Today, it all went pear-shaped. he got a fever this morning and safter doing the requisite scans, the medical personnel discovered a fungus growing on the valves of his heart - probably something he caught as a result of all the procedures he has undergone. Tomorrow morning, we shall know morte - but it could mean he has to go in for yet another open heart surgery. They are telling us that this is quite serious, given his condition and the amount of radical surgeries he has undergone in the past two weeks. it's an emotional roller-coaster ride for everyone - especially him.
Life is like that - things can change in an instant; and both Ronin and I know and understand that it is how we react to these dramatic changes that in many ways defines who we are. it's easy to be happy and smiling when the butterflies are flying and the birds are singing; but when you are in besieged, both physically and mentally - that's when the real test kicks in.
The way is forward ...


Gerry Young said…
I am really sorry to hear that John, you, Melissa and Felix are in thoughts of Amanda and I all the time.

I hope this is still many steps forward and only one step back, not the other way around.

All the best,

Gerry Young
Al Peasland said…
Sending you all our love and best wishes from the UK.
AL & Lou x
Unknown said…
Very best of luck, Ronin. You've done so well so far and I'm sure you are in very capable hands. Stay strong.
Liam H Wandi said…
All the best wishes again. Thru the fire you both shall pass.
Georgette said…
All our prayers!
Anonymous said…
Best of luck Ronin! Keep up the fight and you'll be over this hurdle and back on track!
Simon Murphy said…
John and Ronin,

Really sorry to hear about the setback, but wishing Ronin all the best.

Simon Murphy
Unknown said…
Wow, your young fella must like a fight. Lets hope he smashes this one like the others.

Kill it Ronin, all the best!
Simon S said…
Wishing you all the strength, energy and love to conquer this adversity, as I know you all will.

Also thank you for your inspiration, it's funny how stars are a lot more visible in the dark hours.

"Ante auroram tenebrae"

All the best

Andy Gibbs said…
Just another challenge Ronin.

This might be a major set back, but you're still ahead. Stay strong mate, this could go for the full 12 rounds.

Backing you all the way.

Andy Gibbs
Anonymous said…
Hang in there mate! Sorry I can't help you with the pain you're in, but me and my whole family are pulling for you.

You've made it this far, so keep on trucking, you'll get there, it's just a matter of time.

All The Best.

Simon S

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