Mission Control ...

'Mission Control' is a term coined by the excellent Eddie Bravo - one of my fellow Machado Black Belts.
Eddie, an extraordinarily creative person, came up with the idea of assigning unusual names to certain specific positions and techniques. One of Eddie's iconic positions, he calls 'Mission Control' - it is a Guard Position wherein the legs are pulled up high behind the opponents neck - and serves as the 'starting point' for one of his best creations, the Rubber Guard.
The idea behind Mission Control, is that it serves as a clear STARTING POINT from which a plan, or series of plans, can begin to unfold. I like that idea immensely.
Now the point I want to get across, is the idea that each of us can assign MISSION CONTROL status, to any position that we feel happy and comfortable in. Once we have secured our own personal Mission Control (eg: having secured our underhook from side control) then our path becomes clear - our plan kicks into effect, and we begin to work for the finish/sweep, etc.
I like the idea because it is in alignment with the way our brains already operate.
We move to a new town - and into a new house - that becomes our Mission Control. from there, we gradually, over time, extend our understanding of our world, to other places. We work out how to get to work, to school, to the bank, to the super-market. Our house - our Mission Control - becomes our comfortable hub, from which we can take more and more predictable le excursions.
identify you own set of Mission Controls! Make life easier!


Liam H Wandi said…
Excellent interpretation John :)

I have come to call these points Penelope, because my coach used to call them Pitstops and I just thought of Penelope Pitstop everytime he mentioned that :)
JBW said…
Hi PArt TIme Grappler,
I checked out your blog. As I have a few friedns in MAnchester - I wonder if you could add a link to my blog - to your site/blog ... thanks in a dvance.
Best wishes
Jason said…
Reading blogs always gives me great new idea. Thanks, John. I'm going to start formulating my own mission control.

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