The road ahead ...

Ronin has improved a lot today. He took an assisted walk for fifty metres - and his colour looks beter. I have been informed that he is nowhere near out of the woods as yet - tonight he needed yet another blood transfusion - but nevertheless, we are very optimistic. We even had a chance to feed him some of Melissa's famous chicken broth today - sure beats that hospital food! He will be in hospital for about another month - according to the staff's 'best guess' - then it will be home for much rehab. We are up for it though - and it will be a team effort. Thanks again everyone, for your deep concern and much, much, much appreciated support. And a special thanks to Perry Bateson in Canada - who organised the featured pic.
Warmest wishes


BJJ NZ said…
now that is a photo. Awesome.
Melissa will have him in peak shape with her culinary skills!

Great news..
Anonymous said…
That is very promising news, John. Hope that there are no more set backs! Ronin is very lucky to have such a positive and focused Dad!

ebz_clark said…
Hi John,
You dont know me but I went to high school with Ronin and was in the same class as him for the entire 6 years. We also knew eachother well when we were young as his mum and mine were good friends. Unfortunately for me, I was his guinea pig for quite some time when we were alot younger of all the martial arts he was learning from his dad! I havent seen ronin for about 4 yrs as I have been in Warrnambool studying but I am back in Geelong now and heard about this tragedy along the grapevine. Can you please tell Ronin that I am thinking of him and wish for him to have a complete and successful recovery. I have been thinking about him (and the family) alot since finding out the young man in the paper was him and want him to know I am thinking of him.

Thank you very much!

Ebony Clark
JBW said…
Thanks veryone - your kind thoughts are much appreciated. And Ebony - I will let him know your thoughts are with him, tomorrow. Thank you very much
JBW said…
Dear Brian, Perry and Canadian students - thank you all so much for your beautiful gesture. We rinted the picture and have stuck it on the end of ROnin's bed. Awesome.
Much love
Georgette said…
Unknown said…
Hi John,

You don't know me but it feels like I know you and your friends and family through your Rogue Black Belt books.

I pray and wish your son, Ronin,a full and speedy recovery.

Anonymous said…
Hi John,
I am so glad to hear that Ronin is stretching his legs. My thoughts are with him and all of you down there by side. I wish I could see him and pass on my love and wishes to him. Could you please let him know that he is such a wonderful person, and I can't wait to see him when I come down to Melbourne! It has been too long. Much love,
Cousin Ellie xoxoxoxoox

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