Small Steps - against the odds

I have always been a big believer in small steps.
Most of us tend to look at problems in their complete complexity. it may well be true that the situations we find ourselves in are complex and difficult situations - and so it seems almost counter-intuitive that we can deal with their 'largeness' with small answers. The truth, in my experience, is that most solutions are comprised of a series of small steps - each, in and of itself, seemingly insignificant. Escape from side control - repairing a broken relationship - digging our way out of financial difficulty - or coming back from open heart surgery ...

The word on my son Ronin, was that he wouldn't survive the trip to hospital - and then that he wouldn't survive the open heart surgery - and even then, that he probably would't successfully come out of the coma he was in - and if, by some miracle he did, then we could likely expect some major brain damage ... so far, he has beaten te odds ... but there's still a long way to go, and that will be a journey of many small steps.

One ICU nurse told me today that he had never seen any recovery like it ... such a defiance of the 'likely'. Think about it though, just the fact that each of us is here at all,stands in defiance to all the odds. Each of our ancestors successfully survived long enough to procreate - that in itself, makes each of us, an absolute miracle! I think if more people deeply understood that their own very existence stood in such defiance of the odds - they would treasure and value their short time on this planet more in the measure it really deserves ...



Dear John Melisa and Felix

looks to me likes its "WILL POWER" as the days go by i look forward to the news of Ronins full recovory we hope pray and believe that this be the way

Darren and Kylie Cartwright
BJJ NZ said…
great news, small steps but important none the less.
Ben from Newcastle said…
Fantastic news.

My best hopes for further improvements for your sons health.
Mr. Herrman said…
Great news! Continued thoughts and prayers for Ronin's recovery from your friends & students in Seattle. Best Wishes, Chris Herrman
Anonymous said…
shed a tear over Ronin today but Ronin is a Will just like his father a fighter and if anyone can do it its a Will. We look forward to news of his recovory until then our love is with you guys.much love the Scotts
Carolyn said…
Glad to hear things are looking up. Keep us posted.
Carolyn, GroundControl.
Anonymous said…
My family and I are going through some of the toughest times ever imaginable with our daughter, so I understand what you are going through.
Just keep challenging, if they say one thing Challenge it. seek different opinions don't settle for second best, and if something doesn't seem right to you, challenge challenge and challenge again, we could have lost our little girl the other week because we didn't challenge hard enough. Your sons in a fight make sure you fight with him side by side
your family is already a winner thanks to his courage.
our thoughts are with you
Anonymous said…
Where there's a WILL there's a way. Best to Ronin and to you all. We are all thinking positive thoughts in you time of need. From team Canada... out West.
Perry Bateson and the crew
Hang in there, brother. My Dad fell from 5 stories up once. He beat the odds, first by surviving and second by not ending up in a wheelchair. For each person that commented, I am sure there are hundreds of others who are praying for you and your son.
Mike said…
Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family in such a difficult time.Sending positive thoughts your way for a full recovery.

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