I have yet another chance to practice the little understood art of acceptance.
Due to the volcanic eruption in Iceland, I cannot continue my trip onward to the UK and Norway, and will have to cancel all of my seminars. My most sincere apologies to all of those people who were looking forward to the training. I have tried every avenue I could think of - flying in to other cities in Europe and driving to the Uk, etc - but to no avail.
This is not, in the truest sense, a problem - because there is simply no solution (that I can find) and so I must accept the circumstances and do what I can.
My plan is to return home to Australia when a seat opens up. I wil have to try to fyulfill my oblgations to the students in the UK and Norway at soe later time in the year ... I will do my very best.
Once again - my apologies to everyone effected. Mother nature, it seems, is still very much in charge.
With respect


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