Back to the future ...

Well ... my excursion to Europe is most definitely off. I am disappointed in not being able to fulfil the commitment I made to all of my friends over there - but there is just no stopping mother nature when she decides to vent her wrath. I am back home now and and looking at the barest calendar I have seen in a long time - at least for the next two weeks. I am spending the time with my family and at my school - all time very well spent. Nice.
The future I am walking into now is not the one that I had planned but that makes it no less interesting, no less rewarding and no less exciting. I guess that there are innumerable small events (most not as large an obvious as an erupting icelandic volcano) that effect the path we walk on any given day. A traffic light changes, we pause for traffic and the whole world shifts into a new setting. Life unfolds in the way it does and each of us apply our will to making the most of each day as it presents itself. Right now - it's time for me to head off to class - hopefully, I will teach some of my students something that will, in turn, have a large and positive ripple effect on their evolving game. I curse the volcano - they thank the volcano. It is what it is - and it';s all good.


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