The differences make all the difference ...

Those who forget the past are destined to repeat it …
… then again
Those who forget the pasta are destined to reheat it.

Here’s a slightly humorous example of one two very small changes impacting dramatically on the meaning of a sentence. Similarly, the right one or two small changes in technique and or strategy can make a huge difference to the effectiveness of your game.
The improvement in our skill levels increases over time. In, say a ten-year period, we improve greatly; but the improvements we make over time are usually not as gradual as we may think. It has been my observation that we improve by inches and then every now and we make a quantum jump. I am equally interested in both incremental gains and large gains; I have experienced both kinds myself and have seen the same in many others. I consider myself a ‘grinder’, I chip away (at all aspects of my life) and make small incremental changes by week or by month, which usually add up to large and significant changes over time. But I have also experienced large and monumental changes (both on and off the mat) in very short spans of time.
If you find yourself treading water, with no obvious improvements in what you are trying to achieve, try doing something different. It is when I have turned left and as opposed to my usual right, that I have found discovered opportunities for significant and rapid change. Sometimes small differences in the way we do things can result in large improvements. It’s the differences that make all the difference.


Liam H Wandi said…
Yep. Great post. The great thing is, if the coaching methods are sound, if you feel that you are not improving against your peers, chances are that you are all just getting better together :)

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