if there is no solution then there isn't really a problem

Europe may be shut down but I made it back home from Singapore quite easily.
The good news is that I am with my family again and will be able to hit the mat at my school on wednesday and thursday this week. The bad news is that it is doubtful that I will be able to get a seat to Europe and conduct the seminars we had all planned. I am still waiting, to see if the airways open up - but it's difficult because even if that happens right this second, there is a huge backlog of people who are trying to get somewhere.
One thing I have learned these past few years is this: if there is no solution then there isn't really a problem. Right now, there's no solution, and therefore I see no problem - I just need to practise a little acceptance. Acceptance of those things we can do nothing about is an important tool in the kit we use to create happy lives for ourselves; and I would far prefer to live in a state of happiness than the state I observed so many people living in as I passed through the Singapore airport last night.Yikes again!
If I can get a seat back on a flight to the UK this week - I will head over and get on with the original plan (albeit one week postponed) - we shall have to wait and see what volcanoes and air traffic authorities decide.
Warmest wishes


Anonymous said…
Hi John,
I'm just going to be really selfish here and say that I am glad you can make our class ;p
In amongst all the terrible time with the volcanoes and air traffic authorities, i hope you did find some fun.

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