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Tomorrow afternoon I am heading to Singapore. Aside from the fact that I have gotten fairly used to the routine of visiting my son Ronin in hospital two to three times a day; and am a little anxious about leaving his side, I am also looking forward to catching up with some friends overseas.
In Singapore, I will be doing some work for the American school (they have adopted my Alpha MMA program as part of their sports curriculum) - then I will be teaching for the Kreation Jiu Jitsu group, headed up by Kon Quek - and then for Jason Quek (no relation to Kon) on the SUnday, before heading onward to the UK on Sunday.

On monday I'll be running a session for Ken Pankeiwicz in London, on Tuesday I'll be heading up to Coventry to teach for Rich Green - on wednesday morning, Geoff Thompson and I head out into the morning mists for our annual walk and talk before breakfasting in the conservatory at Coombe Abbey. Very much looking forward to that!
On wednesday afternoon I will head down to the beautiful Cotswalds and teach for Tony Terranova at Fighting Fit. I'll stay with Tony and his lovely family afterward before heading up to Manchester to Adam Adshead's school the next day. After working with the Factory BJJ crew, I head to a Dave Kari's Voodoo gym the next night - my first time there and I am looking forward to it. Afterward, Mark Collett (the BJJ Instructor at Fighting Fit) will drive me over to Doncaster, ready to teach for Danny Mitchell the next morning. Danny is a great MMA fighter who I met on my last visit to MAnchester. After working with Danny, I will then head to Pontefract, to teach for Helen and Darren Currie and my friend from Newcastle, Steve Muckle, who organized the session.
On Sunday morning, we head back to Coventry in time to hit the mat with Geoff Thompson and help teach his masterclass event. it will be great to co-instruct with Geoff and he and I have become close friends these past couple of years. The day after, I head to Norway, andf meet up with Kenneth Fjeld - Chuck Norris official rep in Scandinavia. After that leg of my visit, I head back home, after a three hour layover in Singapore.
These next few weeks will be busy but action-packed. I have set Ronin up with a Mac and I-chat capabilities in the hospital, so if all goes well, I will be able to video conference with him every day; though trying to find internet access whilst on the road can sometimes be challenging. better start packing - classes tonight, more hospital visits, then off to the airport tomorrow lunchtime. Stay tuned ...


Unknown said…
European+UK Mc'donalds have wifi... best not to eat the food but can help to stay connected to the net as they are everywhere. Sorry to hear about your son's complications.
JBW said…
Thanks Steve - I shall keep that in mind. It sounds like a plan. Best wishes
funk dizzle said…
its a pity you couldn't have made it up to scotland :(

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