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This blog may seem a little strange – well, stranger than usual in any case … please bear with me …
It is my belief that most people who achieve, especially if they over-achieve, do so at a price. Well, perhaps price is the wrong word here – perhaps, in some way, they are compensating for some kind of lack, even over-compensating in some way. The sight-impaired develop better hearing and better sense of touch – as a crude example. Take that kind of dynamic, and move into the realm of the psyche, and you’ll get the idea. Someone who wasn’t liked at school, seeks out a job in life where they wield power (feel more empowered) – someone who was always hungry as a kid, becomes a great chef … that kind of thing. So there is, a kind of imbalance there – the over-achievement and the flaw that drove it.
Now to my point – if this subtle duality snuggles secretly inside us – can we identify it and make efforts to truly ‘move on’ from it’s darker side – in other words, can we have the achievement, without the counterpart that set it all in motion? Can we get a full refund on the price we originally paid for the things we have achieved? Can we have our cake – after having eaten and digested it – expell it fully from our system?
I guess I think of it like rocket fuel; it gets the rocket moving, but after a while, it completely spent, with not a sign of it’s existence remaining – the original motivation may have been fully spent and yet we continue to be propelled forward nonetheless.
It’s late – I am a little sleep deprived – this could have been much better thought out and written.


MageTroll said…
That's ok John, many of us speak 'Johnese' and can translate into your usual words of wisdom! ;)
Bob Burns said…
Hi John, I meant this comment for your previous blog, but it's also relavent here... What if we don't have the option or ability to ever express "free will"? What if when we pause, and think we're making a "choice", we are simply refering back to our deep "hard wired" self.
It's certainly a very confronting idea, and most readily dismiss it. Most of the hatred in the world is caused because we feel someone (or some group)"chose" to do a certain thing, when they could've simply "chosen" not to. Is it possible that people react rather than "choose". I'd enjoy discussing this concept with you at some time, and must say that when I first heard it I quickly refuted it! But have since gained a better understanding. Of course here your only getting the bottom line, without the benefit of much supporting argument. Food for thought though. Best regards Bob
Anonymous said…
I'd like to hear more on this subject of you have the time. :)
Anonymous said…
Interesting you mention this, John. I was told recently that many people in the special forces and other such groups suffer from low self esteem. Their low self esteem is what drives them to succeed. The person that told me this has completed NZ SAS selection twice, so is well qualified in the subject!
Shayne said…
Hi John...I remember someone saying to Michael Gent..."I wish I had your Skill". He replied "no you wouldnt, cause then you would have had to live my life".

Their life experience is often what develops the skill, the overcompensation, not by choice. Thats what makes it so challenging to duplicate. Thats why we are so grateful to have someone like yourself who is able to translate it into "humanese" for us.

My 2 cents.

Take Care

Shayne Cox
I was thinking about this the other day because a lot of people (myself included) started martial arts when they were young because they were picked on in school. Bas Rutten said he was picked on because he had a skin disease and severe diffuculty breathing, so he learned tae kwon do to defend himself. It's possible that he went all the way to the top in combat sports to overcome these insecurities, but I think it's more likely that he buried those skeletons long ago. Sometimes the universe sets things up in a way so that you move towards your destiny, even if the universe has to give you a swift, hard kick in the butt to get you moving towards it.

Martial arts has done way more for me than help me to defend myself in a few street fights. I don't think I would be a lawyer today if I didn't have the discipline I learned from martial arts.

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