Three steps to re-train your brain ...

Here is a very powerful tool that I have developed over the years to make me feel better when my state of happiness begins to erode. In fact, I have read very recently, that some serious studies have shown that this method has proven to be a very effective remedy when your state of happiness, for whatever reason, starts to take a turn for the worse. For a long time I knew that this works for me – but it’s nice to discover that it is in fact, a very accessible tool that anyone can take ownership of and use with ease. It works like this …

Something is making you feel bad – and your mind starts to do it’s thing and becomes over-focussed on the things that are making you feel that way; pretty soon, the thing seems to take on a life of it’s own and grows in your mind until you begin to feel even worse. You need to re-train your mind and create a new habit under such conditions … here’s how …

Feeling bad about a certain situation? As soon as you find yourself dwelling on it -


First: Almost every situation offers some positive benefits for you; no matter how grim things may seem to be. Lose your legs – hey, you save money on shoes … that sort of thing. Look hard, find the positives for yourself that are buried beneath the situation – write them down – or at least commit them to memory and smile when you do it.

Second: find the positives for others that will arise out of the situation. There could be ripple effects of the situation that could be of benefit to other people; perhaps even the people that have hurt you, if that is the sort of situation you are in; there are always positives; think about them, and smile.

Third: Think abou the larger picture of your life. You can still eat food, you can still go for a walk, you can still breathe without assistance, you have a roof over your head, maybe you have a car to drive, a friend, a pet, a book to read – put things in perspective; there are millions of people who do not have such privileges. When we are feeling unhappy, our minds have a tendency to shrink and over-focus on the bad thing that has happened to us; by forcing our minds to consider the larger picture we move away from those negative feelings. Smile as you do this.

This mental exercise takes only a minute or two – and will leave you feeling much better about your situation. Repeat in many times throughout the day. In a day or so – you will have re-trained your brain.
I worked this out for myself a long time ago, by realising, in difficult times, which thoughts made me feel slightly better, and simply focussing on those, rather than the problem I was wallowing in. Please try this for me – as a favour. You will be glad you did.
Warmest wishes


BJJ NZ said…
It's the ones where you seem to be talking to me that freak me out the most.

Thats great advice and very timely. Thank you!
JBW said…
Always for you Geoff.
Unknown said…
I agree Geoff, John's blog often makes me feel like John knows what I thinking or going through, it's weird.
Have a great day gents and
Take Care
OliverMurray said…
Thanks John.

I felt the last seminar was exactly what my game needed now this. Started the brain training on Thursday night by Friday I was noticing all the good things and planning what I will spend my shoe savings on ;-)

See you soon

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