The Game ...

Let me pose a question ...
Would you sign up and volunteer for a game in which there were very few rules, lots of learning to do, a chance of injury early on in the play, but also a chance of huge adventure, becoming a millionaire, and perhaps of even finding the love of your life - but with one huge price tag - and that is this: No-one gets out alive!
Well, you may not have volunteered for it ... but you are definitely in it - the game has an unknown time limit ... and the name of the game is LIFE!
How far into the game you are, nobody knows; maybe you are still playing in the first quarter; maybe you are in the last quarter - maybe you are in the last few moments of overtime. The point is this: No-one gets out alive! That being said; the real point is this ... play hard and love every minute of it; realise that other people are playing too, and many of them are on your team. The game will come to an end ..and it's the playing of it that really counts - because unlike a game of sport, you won't be around to read the scoreboard once the real game is over.
The reason I am writing this blog is because I look around and wonder that most people seem to be playing the game of life as if it were never going to come to an end. I find that to be quite tragic. I do not mean to come across as being pessimistic or morbid - in fact, the very opposite; I want to make a case for wringing every drop of juice out of life that we can.
Every time I hit the mat for training - I am reminded of how ALIVE I am. For me, the struggle and learning that takes place in my BJJ training, connects me more closely to the real nature of the game.
Squeeze the juice my friends .... the game is on ... and no-one gets out alive!


Craig M said…
Great post John.....totally agree.
Rowan said…
Thanks for the reminder, sometimes I need to sit back and make sure I'm scoring goals in the game I want to be playing, not the game that I always seam to slip into.

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