12 hours home

I have just returned from my six day tour of new Zealand. it was great to get on the mat with my Kiwi friends again; and amazing to see the growth and development of the organisation in NZ to date. I have attached a pic of the Auckland girls who attended my seminar last saturday - it is so gratifying to see such representation from the ladies - they go a long way to keeping the guys in line - we hope to see a couple coming over to Melbourne represent in September. (we are already receiving online registrations!!!! Check out our online registration page: CLICK HERE
I am already looking forward to my return in late November - but I am sure I'll see many of the Kiwi clan make it over to our Gathering this year; there was more interest than ever before - it's going to be a bumper year for the Will-Machado Asia PAcific Championships - and I can't wait to see it all come together.
I went from the airport this morning, straight to the hospital, as my boy Ronin's open heart op was scheduled for today - but as it turns out, they have postponed it until next week sometime. I am relieved to a degree but also anxious to see it happen and put it behind us. I have just enough time fora good home-cooked meal a few precious hours with my family and then before dawn I am off for another four days in Canberra. Best get packing ... more later.


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