Canberra Calling

What a weekend!
This was a huge weekend, particularly on the back of my visit to New Zealand. I must admit I am glad to be home with my family - and am looking forward to getting into my school tonight.
I had two full days of working with a motivated and passionate cadre of military and AFP personnel at the Australian Defence Force Academy. Another huge day where I was a guest instructor alongside edged weapons expert and friend Ray Floro and student, good friend and World Class UFC referee Steve Perceval. This day culminated in a black belt grading conducted by mover and shaker, Travis Faure at the Australian Self Defence Academy. A long but action-packed day! Sunday was also a huge day; it began at dawn for me, when I began preparations for a 90 minute corporate breakfast talk that I gave to a 50+ strong crowd of Canberra-based leaders. The talk, by all accounts, was a huge success - and I have since been offered opportunities to speak again, including an invite to present at the AIS (Australian Institute of Sport); I am very much looking forward to that, and other opportunities, including delivering to cadets at the Royal Military College - it's great fun, very rewarding and easier on my knees!
After my talk (SHIPWRECKED & LOVIN IT!) was done - I scooted over to watch friend and student Steve Perceval deliver his Combat Conditioning seminar, before I hit the mat myself to teach forty off BJJ freaks at brown Belt Danny Weir's Academy. What a great bunch!
More tomorrow - time to clear my inbox and catch up on home events.
Warmest wishes


Rob P said…
Sir, Amazing weekend! I felt very privileged attending the seiminar and the corp breakfast talk. The weekend opening my eyes to the Martial Arts jouney. I hope to internalise your lessons so I won't be someone who 'does' martial arts, but someone who 'is' a martial artist and as you said, to take responsibility for getting the most out of life both on and off the mat. Kindest regards and respect. - Rob P
BlakeG2560 said…
I like the look of those slides John. Any chance of posting a few of your favorites?
SenseiMattKlein said…
With a crowd like that John (in Canberra) you can't help but be energized. Do you still learn things from these workshops?
JBW said…
Thanks for the kind comment Rob.
Blake - I have posted a few slides for you - they may not make much sense though.
matt - I learn every single time I walk onto the mat - I notice how people respond when I say things one way and then another - I conduct experiments in teaching every class. Keeps it exciting for me!


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