O-Dark Hundred

Dawn is still an hour or so away – and I am up, packed and good to go.
I had a great dinner last night, a long hot shower and spent fun time with Melissa and Felix. I’m off to Canberra (Australia’s Capital City) to deliver training to a special group of instructors at the Royal Military College. The weekend to follow is a busy one, beginning with a BJJ seminar for Travis Faure as part of his big grading weekend; then I am offering a talk to some 30 guests over breakfast on Sunday morning, followed by an advanced BJJ seminar organized by brown belt Danny Weir in the afternoon. On Monday I shall don the cams again for more work in military circles – and then it’s back home late Monday night in readiness to begin the routine of a more ‘normal’ week (Private lessons and evening classes – can’t wait!)
There’s a long day ahead – so I better slam down some porridge and an apple before I hit the road. More to follow sometime early next week; train well – live well.


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