Resilient but fragile ...

Hi Everyone
I am in New Zealand right now, visiting with all my friends on both north and south islands. The seminars each day, have gone really well, with large numbers attending - especially as we are in winter in this part of the world.
I will be leaving Wellington at 0600 on thursday to make the trip back to Melbourne. After arriving in melbourne that morning, I'll dash straight to the Geelong hospital, as my eldest boy Ronin is undergoing a long and complicated open heart surgery (for the 2nd time in three months). He has stopped compiling his blog of late due to the seriousness of his condition. We both decided that we didnt want to keep talking about the situation , as we don't like the thought of bringing any 'gloom' to your lives - which we hope are filled with joy and good health. But there it is - just keeping everyone in the loop - mainly because loads of people are enquiring as to how Ronin is faring of late. I'll make another post after his op - and let you know how things went - meanwhile: don't put off living your lives, not even for a day. Each day is a precious luxury - and we humans are a resilient but fragile lot.
Best wishes all


Luca said…
Hi John

Recently one of my best friends had a serious work accident and he was in ICU for a long time after a difficult operation fighting for his life. While I was there trying to support him and his family I saw him going back and forth between life and death and in the darkest moments I kept thinking at the way you faced Ronin's ordeal and at the great things and insights you shared with us on this blog even when Ronin's situation seemed desperate. It helped me a lot, and I tried to stay positive and focused and follow your example.

So I just wanted to thank you (my friend pulled through eventually albeit with some dents) and wish you and Ronin all the best in dealing with this new difficult challenge. As the doctors always told us, he's young and strong and he has got the best shot at making it.

My thoughts are with you and your family.

All the best
Anonymous said…
G'day John,

Thanks for the update, I don't know your son personally, though I feel a level of concern as if he was a family member.

I've just spent a week at the Geelong Hospital welcoming my son into the world & then hoping like hell that neither he nor his Mother had to depart it (things got a little complicated). We all endured and we are all now home.

After a couple of very touch and go days I worked out that if your not in a position to directly look after those that you love, then the next course of action is to look after yourself.

Sound's easy, but it's amazing how something as simple as remembering to eat can slip your mind for a couple of day's.

Wishing you guys all the strength, warmth and endurance you will surely need and surely have in abundance.

Simon S
My heart goes out to you. A couple of weeks ago, my nephew died in a car accident (he was about to graduate high school). While it was hard on me, it was absulotely devastating to my brother. No parent should ever have to experience that. I'll keep your family in my thoughts and prayers. Good luck and God bless!
Anonymous said…
Good work...Keep it up...

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