Slides ...

I have had one posted comment but quite a few e-mails from people asking me to post up some of the 'slides' that I used in my breakfast talk in Canberra last weekend. This comes as a surprise to me ... I am mildly amazed at the level of interest. So here we go ... I'll pop up a few - but really, they won't make a lot of sense without the stories and lessons that go with them. And I made them in only a few minutes - and put very little thought into them. In fact, htye were really only intended as personal prompts for myself and not for public viewing. I only decided to share them with the audience at the very last minute ...
I have had quite a bit of interest from some of the attendees - and offers to come and deliver for a range of different groups. I shall try to find the time to fulfil these requests - but my immediate future is somewhat mapped out with a trip to the USA for a martial arts expo, some seminars and my annual work with Chuck Norris's black Belts at their UFAF convention in Vegas.
Quite a few people have also e-mailed me about the progress of my eldest son Ronin, who is still in hospital. Thank you all very much for your thoughtful concern. As things are now, he has suffered several complications and as a result his second open heart surgery has been postponed. Some problems have arisen due to infections he got whilst in hospital and surgery is not viable until these are all fully resolved. The battle ensues ... I'll have more to say when the news is better.
Best wishes all


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