Weight Application: Part 2

In taking our weight off the floor, it will necessarily pour onto our partner but with what measure of force? If we take our body off the floor and lie entirely on top of our partner, the weight will be spread over a large surface area and won’t count for much. The smaller the surface area through which we pour our weight onto our partner, the greater the measure of force we impart.
Our tendency is to spread our weight over a larger surface area than we need to and this results in less pressure. Think of your weight in terms of water shooting out of the nozzle of a fire-hose; the smaller the nozzle, the greater the pressure. As you take your weight off the floor, pour it onto your partner through a small contact point and you will begin to maximize the amount of pressure you can apply. The larger the contact point, the weaker the pressure – the smaller the contact point, the greater the pressure. This is very important.
Train smart


Dale H said…
This is a great series so far sir, I am really enjoying it. Keep up the good work. I am not sure how others feel but I would enjoy reading more blogs in this style sharing the wisdom of your years on the mat.

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