Weight Application: Part 3

As we take our weight off the floor and pour it onto our partner, through a small point of contact so as to increase the pressure, we will need to develop an understanding of where, on our opponent, we should apply our efforts. This is where there is a clear crossover of an understanding of leverage and an understanding of weight application. We need to apply our weight on the ends of the levers. Applying it in the middle of our partners chest (when in side control for example) will not serve to effectively prevent his shoulders from rotating as effectively as we could be applying the weight on point of the far shoulder.
Remember, it will help you to think of the bones as levers and the levers as bones; it certainly helped me. Take our weight off the floor, apply through a small point of contact on to the end of the lever that we wish to manipulate. This is crucial.
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hips said…
Hey John,

Enjoying this weight application stuff. Just thinking about putting weight towards specific points at the end of levers. Would this require a more dynamic (and more effective) game compared to your weight being more diffuse?
Weight in a specific area, would shut down some movements really well, but make other movements easier(?).
In your example, placing weight on the far shoulder in side control would effectively negate your partner from turning in, but would leave you more vunerable to them turning away and rolling you.
This would require constant adjustment to maintain control, or allow you to "steer" your partner towards and limited number of escapes which you can anticipate and therefore capitalise on.
Of course this is a simplification and the use of grips, direction of the weight applied and other factors might change the effect of the weight.

I am also interested in the idea of what part of your body is used to apply weight through and the advantages/disadvantages of different parts.

Interested in your thoughts.
Bob Burns said…
Hi John, I'm really enjoying your lessons on weight application...so the specific question I have (as a white belt)is.... when I'm in short base side control with both knees and elbows on the mat how do I/ or even can I, get my weight off the ground?
Best regards Bob
JBW said…
you are right - this is a higher level concept in that it demands more skill on your part ... you do need to keep adjusting the focus of your weight in relation to the problems you are encountering ...
We apply weight effectively, through our shoulders, head, elbows, knees, hips and hard part of our chest. Which part we apply weight through depends on position and problem. The development of this skill takes time - but that is the FUN.
JBW said…
short base side control is hard - as can mount be. But by placing your weight on the right spot and just trying to take your knees off the ground (even if you can't) will make you heavier. remember: every ounce counts.

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