The Circus

Well ... here I am at the martial arts circus!
Really not my scene - except that I need to be here this year to help my great friend David Meyer promote our MMA and BJJ Curriculums. The air inside the MGM GRANDE (the hotel casino where the event is being held) is recycled, dry and bad for your body. My eyes at least, are stinging from the smoke that I had to endure whilst walking through the casino to get to the conference centre. The windows don't open - and night is day. On top of this, I have a bad dose of the flu - everything seems more surreal in an already very surreal Las Vegas. See the attached pic of the hallway leading to my room - the light at the end of the tunnel is not even the halfway point - it's a huge place.
SO that's the bad part - oh ... one more thing; all the suits walking around, overweight and strutting (strange combination) and congratulating each other and swapping knowing grins. I suspect a lot of these people don't spend much time on the mat or DOING actual martial arts training. As I said, not my scene ...

Now for the good: there are some great martial artists poking their heads in now and then. I had a chat to legendary Benny Urquidez this morning - that was nice. I spent most of the day on the mat that I set up next to my both. My good friend and superkeen student Brian Johnson (NAGA Submission grappling multiple champion and one of the best and most competitive BJJ Black Belts in the country) and I, hit the mat and worked through some interesting grappling problems. We drew a crowd, who seemed very interested - and we had a load of fun. I have lost my voice (due to the flu) and so I got out of SELLING aspect of the job and spent my time doing what I love doing - martial arts practice. Nice day.
My mate Paul Jolley (Jols Martial Arts Supplies)has just arrived, so we will head out for dinner to cap off the day. More soon - I'll try to snap a few pics.
best wishes from vegas


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