Monday, July 19, 2010


Heading Home

I am sitting in a spa inside the Southpoint Hotel in vegas right now, having said goodbye to my UFAF friends, gone for a treadmill run with Dave Meyer and with bags ready to pick-up at the bell desk. I am flying back to Los Angeles in an hour or so, then onward to Australia this evening. All American good-guy, Chuck Norris, gave me a an inscribed book for my son Ronin this morning - illustrating yet agin, what a thoughtful person he is. At the UFAF convention, he is surrounded by people who want a piece of his time - yet he always seems to find time to do the little things that count - and this is a part of what sets him apart from the ordinary. Last night, he and his lively wife, Gina, personally greeted hundreds of people as they entered the banquet room door - truly a thoughtful man. Movie career and iconic martial arts status aside, the world is a better place for having Chuck living in it.
Time for one more dip in the spa, a shower and a quick bite before heading to the airport with Dave. Back to my more usual style of blogging shortly. Best wishes all,

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