When I was in Vegas some ten days ago, at the Martial Arts Expo, my old student George Sotiropoulos heard I was in town and dropped by to visit me. It was a treat to see him and spend some time on the mat with him, talking tactics and working moves. George was one of my most dedicated Geelong (hometown) BJJ black belts, his work ethic is unparalleled and his commitment to excellence remains un-diminished. He has an impeccable MMA record and to date, a perfect 5-0 UFC record.
One of the reasons for his success, apart from his burning desire and passion for competition, is that he does not rely on being able to steer the game/fight in the direction of a set of specific strengths. In short, he doesn’t care what is happening – he loves it all. Standing and boxing or kickboxing, he’s up for it; clinching and takedown work, he’s up for it; groundwork (top or bottom) – yes, he’s up for it. George is lovin’ it all! This allows him to make absolutely seamless transitions from one fight strategy to the next. This is what makes him the professional that he is.
Whilst on this topic, let me say this: Well done george, you are living life the way it is mean't to be lived: with vigour, with passion and with purpose. Congratulations on your well-deserved success - may your adventure continue to unfold in joyful and exciting ways.
I have always been about full and total integration of all aspects of the fight game. We don’t want to undergo a ‘border=check’ every time we move from one range or one strategy to another. In the pursuit of excellence, we need to move seamlessly and effortlessly from one fighting strategy/style/method to another. In short, we need to flow …

In the pic: David Meyer, Awesome George and my handsome self.

I am in for knee surgery tomorrow morning. I plan to ignore all advice and be back on the mat next week. More time to post a few more blogs. I'll be back, post-op ...



JAB said…
Speedy recovery John.

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