Fresh off the table ...

Just arrived home from the hospital - knee operation done!
I feel pretty good - part of the benefit of going with a top surgeon. Walking around, albeit gently, with just a walking cane. I need, and am motivated, to recover quickly. I am up teaching in Coffs Harbour, Ballina, The Gold Coast and Brisbane next weekend. I plan to compress the six weeks recovery into 6 days. I shall tap into the amazing healing powers provided by my wife's excellent care (and cooking). I will rest this weekend to let most of the swelling go down - and then start some moving and rehab work monday.
I have certainly had my share of operations - and if any of you ever have the need (I am sure many of you will) then take the time to seek out the very best surgeon you can find. Ask around; find out who the best pro athletes go to see. Then go see that one. What you get from the best surgeon is a much faster recovery time - a less invasive and traumatic procedure - well worth the trouble and possible higher pricetag.
Here's a small vid clip of a part of the operation. Amazing keyhole surgery nowadays. I have had four knee ops now - but the first (some thirty years ago) left me with a large scar and took 2 full months to recover from. Today, I limped away from the op - not even needing crutches. Times have changed!
Best wishes
The following vid clip contains graphic footage of surgery - watch at own peril.


simon.p said…
HiJohn, you are right it is graphic, but amazing to see! good luck for the quick recovery.simon.
Justin said…
What did you have done John? Is that a meniscus injury?
JBW said…
torn meniscus and torn ACL. I've been working okay with it though, for 6 weeks now - so it couldnt have been that bad. Hobbling a bit this morning - should be walking without a limp within a week.
if you go in fit and strong - you recover very quickly. At least that has been my experience. When doctors say things like "6 weeks recovery" - they are talking about an overweight office-worker that is out of shape and doesnt want to go back to their job. I have always found my own recovery time to be a third of the suggested period. I am in good shape and am very motivated to get back to my life. But for today - videos and good food.
Justin said…
Best wishes John, I had my meniscus done about 3 months ago and feel 95% now, lost a little flexibility, I'm working more hooks guard so thats good.

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