Terra Incognita

To a large degree, we know the world we live in – at least from a geographic perspective. There are still of course, many places to explore but we no longer have maps with the words ‘terra incognita’ (unknown land) written all over them. For me though, tomorrow is an unknown landscape – one that hasn’t been painted yet. Every day, we have an opportunity to not only change the landscape of our lives but also an opportunity to change the way in which we live them. Each day we wake anew with possibility before us. Each time we hit the mat we have an opportunity to learn. As children we were all filled with a sense of wonder about the world around us. We explored, we wondered what was over the next hill – as adults, this sense of adventure and wonder can sometimes be crushed under the weight of daily life – but remember, each and everyone of us is an explorer at heart.
Next time you hit the mat – try something new. Experiment and see what happens. My wife calls me a mad-scientist – but underneath it all, underneath those layers that we have piled and piled upon our inner being – we are all mad-scientists at heart. The words ‘Terra Incognita’ are what made the map of the world so interesting back when … the fun is in the unknown.


Matt Klein said…
Could not agree with you more John. Keeping an open mind, trying new things, and seeing new places keeps you young and makes your life interesting.

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