USA Bound

At the airport again. I must admit, I am very much looking forward to a lot less travel in the 2nd half of the year. Pre-dawn start again, and this time I am flying to the USA. I have several days of work to do delivering at the Martial Arts Industry Expo - followed by a couple of great days visiting and teaching for my good friends Korbett Miller and Brian Johnson in Seattle. A quick day trip up into Canada to teach at my friend Perry Batesons scool - and then back to las vegas to hire a car and drive northwest for a bit. Then I have a four days off, and I am heading out into the UTAH desert with my buddy Paul Jolley, who will fly over in a few days time.
After my desert jaunt, I head back to Las vegas to teach for Chuck Norris and deliver the the third degree black belts requirements to the United Fighting Arts Federation higher grades. Then it's back home, three nights training at my school (my favourite thing) and then knee surgery on the friday. I hope to recover from that surgery in four or five days and I will be limping, but on the mat nonetheless. What a year so far - I think I am going to sleep all the way to los Angeles. Hope I dont snore sitting up. Economy class. Yikes.
Still, the best part of this trip is that I will be soon spending time with my great pal Dave Meyer; we have been the best of friends for more than twenty years now - he is my favourite person to hit the mat with; I greatly treasure the collaborative approach that Dave brings to the table - good times ahead.


Matt Klein said…
Would hate to have your flying schedule John, but would love to have your frequent flier points. Going in for ligament or cartilage? Hopefully cartilage for your sake. I had full reconstruction about 8 years ago. Good luck in any case.
JBW said…
the knee surgery is just a clean up - removal of bits and pieces of schrapnel that are floating around in there. The last time I had it down, I was back on the mat, wrestling lightly, within a week. Hoping for the same this time around.
PS: My wife gets to use my frequent flyer points - she usually spends them on a week at Linderman island, doing sports all day. She is, just a touch competitive!
Anonymous said…
Have a safe trip.

Hmmmm driving northwest for a bit from Las Vegas??? There is a few interesting "areas" out that way!

All the best

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