Adaptation is the Enemy

I heard my good friend TAHI REIHANA, say this last week ‘Adaptation is the Enemy’ – and I agree completely. This is an interesting notion. My friend was talking in the context of athletic performance – meaning (in the broadest of terms) that once you adapt to a particular exercise your mind/body will cease to make those changes that allow you to better cope with that exercise – so in short, if we want to keep changing (improving) then we need to change the demands to we cannot easily adapt (and get comfortable).
I think the same mechanism is in play in other aspects of our lives. In an exercise regime – most everyone ‘settles’ they do not continue to look for more and different challenges that keeps them in a state of growth (adaption). I think most people buy their house – get used to paying the mortgage – sigh with relief and remain in that situation for a very long time. Perhaps the same thing can be said of employment and many other things.
Now I am not saying that ‘settling’ is necessarily bad – I think that there is a lot to be said for being ‘content’ – especially when it comes to being happy – but it is just worth noting that we all put in effort (outside of our comfort zones) to achieve a certain level (in anything) and then we settle. It is very much worth noting, that if we have put in that effort, whilst being uncomfortable, before, then if we choose/want to – we are capable of doing so again – and moving on from where we are.

I didn’t put this across as well as I could. I only have a few minutes this morning before I need to be somewhere. But I hope you glean the idea. Of course, the same thinking applies on the mat. Adaptation is the Enemy – think about it.



Anonymous said…
Hi John.
That's sort of like climbing a never-ending mountain. You can always keep climbing, keep making more money, improving skills. But at which point do we decide to just sit down and enjoy the view.
It seems alot of people will settle quite quickly.
But many ambitious folks keep climbing and never settle to enjoy the view.


- T
JBW said…
I have to Agree - I will modify my point of view: in somethings we should avoid adaptation - ion other things we should settle. it's up to each of us to figure our which is which ..
Todd said…
You can measure the performance of the body but how do you measure the performance of the mind.Have we really reached the evolutionary potential of what we can achieve with the mind. If you believe you have reached a plateau then have you really achieved that plateau? Only you can decide that for yourself.

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