BJJ All-Blacks

Two decades ago, it would have been almost impossible to imagine this scene - Rigan Machado, myself and sixteen 2nd generation Black Belts all together in one room. Nice.
It was a joy to be on the mat with such a pool of talent. Rigan ran a very informative seminar and all went away with much food for thought. He focussed on the dismantling of an opponents grips and controls, before initiating the guard pass. On the flip-side, he trained everyone in repid guard transitions, designed to keep the opponent from establishing a pre-pass control. Feedback from the Black Belts and other high grades has been excellent - thank you all who took the time to send the positive e-mails.
Rigan and I hit the mat this morning for a bit before heading out to get another interval-training session under my belt. I am still wobbling on my knee a little, after my recent op, but have managed to get through most of today without too much trouble. Time for a quick bite - and an attempt to let my 'still racing' metabolism settle a bit (after the work-out) before we head into my school for the Novice BJJ class. With the competition behind us now, my household can take a bit of a breather ... more to come.


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