Heading home from Norway

It's just before dawn here in Norway. I gave my last class some eight hours ago to kenneth Fjelds students just outside of Drammen. They are such a nice group of people - the friendliest you will meet. We ran through a load of MMA ideas - focussing on the connection between kicking and takedowns. it was well received and all had a blast.
My plane leaves in an hour or so, and I make my way to Heathrow in London - then it's onward to Singapore and finally, home to Melbounre. With some 24 hours of travel ahead of me, I am stockiong up on water and snacks before I begin ym journey.
I am very much looking forward to seeing my family - but will do so for only 15 hours or so before I board another flight to Perth this weekend. it will be great to see my friends over there - but I may be a little wobbly with jet-lag. There was no avoiding it ... as the Perth trip was planned long ago - and I had to re-schedule my UK/Norwegian trip due to the volcanic ash-cloud in Iceland. I may have to drink my 2nd ever RED BULL! Yikes!
Next week, I'll be back on my mat in Geelong - and I am really looking forward to seeing my students - I miss them!!
Gotta run - plane is boarding soon. Best wishes
PS: my Norwegian friends presented me with a traditional Viking helmet as a parting gift - very nice!


Matt Klein said…
Bet there are a few flight attendants that are on a first name basis with you John, as much traveling as you do. Speaking about MMA, trained with a few of my senior students yesterday MMA-style. Today I am the sorest I have been in years.

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